The kids from the Mitre 10 ad reunite 12 years later

goss 12/02/2020

The Mitre 10 ad featuring the young Kiwi boys would have to be one of the most quotable ads in NZ television history.

'Mate, ya dreamin'!', 'She's a pretty big job,' and 'Hey Jonesy!' are all regularly quoted to this day.

Mitre 10 decided to bring the trio of Kiwi lads (one who posed as an Aussie on the ad) together so that we could all get a solid dose of nostalgia.

'She was a pretty big job getting the boys back together.' Mitre 10 captioned the photo on their social media. 

The photo shows the boys on a similar playground, recreating a screencap from their iconic ad 12 years later.