Woman sets world record after watching 'Bohemian Rhapsody' film over 400 times

goss 28/02/2020

An Australian woman has become a world record holder after watching the Queen biopic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ at the cinema 108 times in total. And the wildest thing of all - she wasn’t even a fan of the band before watching the movie.

Joanne Connor, from Queensland, sent off her movie ticket stubs to the Guinness Book of World Records, then found out she had earned the title last week. 

And if you think her visits to the cinema were a lot, those weren’t even the tip of the iceberg - since the movie was released on DVD, Ms Connor has made it her nightly viewing at home. 

“I got the DVD last February and I keep a diary everyday ordinarily anyway, and 291 times I've actually seen it at home, I watch it every night,” she said. 

With a running time of two hours and thirteen minutes for the film, those 291 viewings add up to 26 whole days worth of viewing.

Before watching ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ for the first time, Joanne said she knew some of the band's iconic songs and would enjoy them on the radio but wasn't a 'fan' of the band. 

“I used to like their music, if it was on the radio I'd turn it up, but I went one afternoon with one of my friends just to watch it, fell in love with it, couldn't stop going and I'm just smitten by them now,” she said. 

Gaining the world record, Queen’s manager invited Joanne to meet Brian May and Roger Taylor during their Australian tour:

“I went backstage, I had a cuddle from them (May and Taylor). Had a kiss on both cheeks and had a lovely photograph taken with them,” she said. 

She said she tried her hardest not to cry as she met the band members, but once she was out of sight she broke down in tears of joy. 

Joanne has tickets to see the band again in the Gold Coast this weekend (29th February), and will also be seeing them at their next show at The O2 Arena in London.

Source: DailyMail