Backstreet Boys come together for a 'virtual performance' of 'I Want It That Way'

goss 31/03/2020

As part of a recent fundraising concert in the USA, the Backstreet Boys came together for a 'virtual performance' of their song 'I Want It That Way'.

The boys (isolated seperately) recorded their parts in their own homes and then put it all together to create this finished product!

"Honoured we could be part of this incredible event." the boyband wrote on Instagram.

They weren't the only ones thrilled to have them perform - their fans came out in droves to sing their praises!

"Really brightened my day. Thank you." one wrote.

"Tears in my eyes... Thanks a lot... Lots of childhood memories came into my mind... Stay safe!" gushed another.

"This just made my night!" simply wrote another.

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