Kristen Bell shares the '3 magic words' that stop her kids from moaning

goss 13/03/2020

In a recent interview with Good Morning America, Frozen 2 star Kristen Bell has shared the '3 magic words' that she uses to stop her kids from whining.

Kristen's simple technique seems to be working for her family, so she shared it with other parents!

"If my kids want something that I initially say no, begging, we make not an option." she began.

"I say, 'Form your argument,'" - sounds simple right?

"'If you want to have that gummy packet before dinner, give me the reasons why you should. Tell me what your protocol is going to be. Are you going to go crazy on me? Are you going to go outside and get all your energy out? Are you going to skip dessert tomorrow? Give me your reasons.'"

"I do want to teach them how to form a sound argument and be convincing."

This might be worth trying out next time your little rascals get a bit much!