Peppa Pig might secretly be hypnotising children claims child psychologist

omg 17/03/2020

Do you find that your child is often glued to the screen when Peppa Pig comes on? Well there may be a real reason for it!

A child psychologist has recently revealed that some of the sounds in the TV show may actually be hypnotising kids into watching.

It all comes down to how children perceive sounds. Since their ears are responsive to both high and low sounds, children get transfixed more easily.

"George and Peppa have very high voices, Daddy Pig has a very low voice." the expert said.

"A contrast between the two is therefore bound to attract and maintain a child’s attention over a short period of time."

"A child entranced by the music and content of the programme is likely to have an efficient recall."

With so many signals getting fired around their developing brain, many kids can't process it all at once making them want to go back and watch more and more.

So there we have it, this explains why some kids can't be dragged from Peppa and her friends!