Sesame Street is hosting virtual playmates for kids in lock down

goss 03/04/2020

Everyone’s favourite childhood street, Sesame Street, is helping parents and kids worldwide curb their boredom with the launch of its virtual playdates initiative.

The classic kid’s TV show has launched ‘Caring For Each Other’, a website filled with tools for learning and fun, with new daily routines for kids to follow.

Sesame Workshop said in a statement:

“Your friends on Sesame Street are here to support you and your family during the COVID-19 health crisis,”

“We understand that these are very stressful times; our daily lives have been disrupted, and we are all coping with uncertainty,”

“As we create a new sense of normalcy, it's important that we take care of ourselves, so that we can best care for our children.”

The ‘Caring for Each Other’ website has sections for ‘taking care of oneself’, ‘creating routines during ‘the for-now normal’, as well as ‘talking with your child about Covid-19’.

Favourite character Elmo talks in a video on the site, telling kids: “Elmo knows that it's hard to be away from all of your friends. But Elmo's mommy set up this video chat so we can have fun together!"

He also gives out virtual hugs, and promises there will be virtual playdates to come as well. 

Sesame Workshop added there would be “brand new” content coming featuring the Sesame Street muppets, with more free episodes available online and access to 100 free e-books via online platforms like Apple Books and Amazon Kindle. 

"With Caring for Each Other, we can help families get through these uncertain times and build hope for the future,” said senior vice president at Sesame Workshop, Dr. Jeanette Betancourt. 

"While we don’t always know what to expect, we know that Sesame Street friends have the power to convey simple strategies and messages to help children and the caring adults in their lives find comfort."