Pink's husband shares what it was like watching her and their son fight Coronavirus

goss 15/04/2020

Last week Pink shared with her fans that she and her 3 year old son Jameson had been diagnosed with COVID19. The two have since been cleared, but the singer has been very open about her battle.

In an interview with Ellen, she described the whole experience as 'terrifying' and recalled having breathing issues in the middle of the night.

Now, her husband Carey Hart has spoken about what the whole thing was like from his point of view...

"It was intense," he told a US radio show. "They both got extremely sick. My son probably got the worst of the two of them."

He added that his son's case "debunks the whole theory [coronavirus] only hits old people."

"My wife got it pretty bad, as well. She has preexisting — she has asthma. It totally attacked her lungs and her chest. She was having a hard time breathing."

He then explained their family had been on a "full lockdown" since mid March, when Pink and their son started showing symptons.

"My son kind of took a turn for the worse. He had had extremely high body temperature... For, God, like a solid two going on three weeks straight,"

"The kid was in the bath four, five times a day trying to break his temperature. And then *Pink* was progressively getting worse."

"I have zero symptoms, my daughter had zero symptoms. Unfortunately, we only had access to a test for my wife." since Carey and their daughter Willow weren't tested, they just assumed they had the virus and acted accordingly.

Thankfully everything has turned out fine for the family, but it sounds like a stressful time for them all!