Pink's cheesecake for her family turns into a baking disaster

goss 22/04/2020

Loads of people have been using their time in lockdown to try out new recipes in the kitchen - the same goes for one of our faves Pink!

The singer has tried out a whole heap of recipes to mixed results, but she's recently taken to Instagram to share the results of her baked cheesecake.

"Why is my cheesecake exploding?" the singer wrote alongside a pic of the cheesecake.

Fans of the singer got some light relief from her baking woes.

"Ha! Thought that was cornbread." one wrote.

"Because it’s like 'I’m a cheesecake that Pink made and I can’t believe this. My head is exploding!'" another person gushed.

"The fact that this GRAMMY winning 90 million album selling queen is baking her family dessert from scratch tho!" added someone else.

Thankfully one follower came through with some handy tips for the star...

"Could be the oven temperature... A lil too hot? Every oven is different and cook books / recipes don’t seem to take that into account! Are you using a Bain Marie 'water bath' this helps maintain a moisture level in the oven to help insulate the cheese cake as it cooks! Bet it taste delicious anyway."

Its not the first time the singer has had baking issues, last week her homemade flatbread turned on her!