'Scrubs' TV show star confirms the entire cast is planning a virtual reunion

goss 13/05/2020

Hit sitcom 'Scrubs' is the latest TV show to get a 'lockdown reunion'. Stars of the medical comedy that ran from 2001 - 2010 will come together to chat about highlights from their time on the show and what they've been up to since.

Sarah Chalke, who played Elliot Reid on the show, spoke to NME about their plans so far...

“In terms of a reunion, we were supposed to go as a cast to *a TV network event* next month, and so since that can’t happen I think we’re going to do it next year instead,”

“This year we’re going to do a Zoom or whatever platform of a reunion. So I’m really looking forward to that.”

She went on to add the the exact dates are still to be confirmed, but early June is likely.

“We haven’t really hammered any of the details, but we’re probably going to be a panel chat, just everybody saying ‘hi’, and I’m sure most of the cast will be able to make it and Bill *the creator*. It will be fun!”

So there we go, only a couple of weeks go before we get to see it - exciting!