Adele's ex-personal trainer shares advice for people going on their own fitness journey

goss 18/05/2020

Adele broke the internet when she uploaded a photo to her Instagram showing off her weightloss progress.

The singer's former personal trainer has recently jumped to the singer's defense after online trolls criticised her weight-loss, now he is giving others advice for their own weight-loss journeys.

"My main piece of advice to anyone wanting to make healthy changes to themselves is to be fully committed to the whole process and above all else to be patient," he said in an interview with Insider.

"Fast results tend to be fleeting. Slow and gradual tends to last longer."

"All that is required is belief in yourself that you can do it, consistency in your actions, and discipline in your routine."

He said that a healthy lifestyle comes down to 3 simple points...

  1. Eating a well balanced and inclusive food plan
  2. Exercising regularly, getting your heart rate up, and going outside of your comfort zone
  3. Getting proper restful sleep to allow your body and mind to repair and recover.

So there you go, some solid advice from one of the best!