Baker's easy and delicious 3 ingredient fudge recipes prove a hit with home bakers

omg 13/05/2020

For many of us, the last few months has seen a resurgence of home baking. It's been difficult to open social media without seeing people try their hands at sourdough, banana bread, elaborate cakes and desserts.

If, like me, you have fatigued of seeing such complicated kitchen creations and want something delicious without needing to proof, knead and bake, I have the perfect Instagram account for you. 

London woman Eloise Head's Instagram page 'Fit Waffle' has become a viral sensation throughout the coronavirus pandemic thanks to her three-ingredient desserts, which only require a few simple steps. 

"I wanted to add value and share simple, enjoyable recipes that people could make at home to pass the time and have fun," she told Insider. 

"I knew people would try the recipes, but I didn't quite expect it to be as popular as it is."

The clear standout of Head's baking repertoire is her three-ingredient Oreo fudge recipe. A video of her creating mouth-watering treat, which requires just condensed milk, white chocolate, and Oreos, has been liked more than 750,000 times on Instagram, and been viewed more than 2.6 million times on TikTok.

Over the weekend, Head shared a new recipe with Oreo biscuits equally as easy and exciting - a three-ingredient icebox cake. 

If you're not an Oreo fan, no problem. Videos of Head creating simple fudges with Reese's Pieces and KitKats have also drawn huge numbers of views.

With a little more time you could also attempt some of her more intricate recipes, such as these Lotus Biscoff truffles which require a hefty four ingredients.

Warning - despite the word 'fit' in her Instagram handle, none of these viral desserts are exactly what you call healthy. But Head says its all about having fun. 

"The whole purpose of the [social media] page was to give everyone the opportunity to bake and make use of the spare time they have at home," she said. "So enjoy the process from start to finish!"