Gordon Ramsay shares how his infamous attitude is rubbing off on his toddler son

goss 04/06/2020

Gordon Ramsay is known for his TV cooking show meltdowns and now it seems his attitude is rubbing off on his young son Oscar!

In a cute post on his Instagram page, Gordon dubbed over a video of Oscar stomping around on the beach with some famous quotes from his TV shows playing in the background.

"Switch it off, I’m shutting down the kitchen!" Gordon says in the clip. Gordon himself admitted that his attitude might be beginning to wear off on his son... We can see why!

Many of his followers chimed in saying how similar the young tot and his dad are...

"Love this little mini you and I definitely think it won’t be long before he’s speaking like that!" one person wrote.

"Cutest littlest sous chef ever." joked another.

"Suffice to say you have finally met your match." a third added. 

We tend to agree with them all! Oscar is definitely still at the cheeky stage, but it won't be long before he gives his dad a real run for his money!