How To Dad and a bunch of great Kiwis show off NZ's best travel spots

goss 20/05/2020

Kiwi blogger 'How To Dad' has created an amazing video showing off some of the best spots in Aotearoa.

Kiwis from across the country sent in videos which have been used to create the video. In true 'How To Dad' fashion he put it all together with a cheeky poem to boot!

"I just felt it would be a cool concept to get us Kiwis talking or thinking about taking a trip somewhere in Aotearoa, our backyard - in their own time and when they can." he wrote on his Facebook page.

"I know every tourism and hospitality worker would really bloody appreciate it right now. Doesn't have to be big, you can go for a trip across the country, or just pop to ya neighbouring town. NEW ZEALAND REPRESENT!"

If you're thinking about a Kiwi holiday some time soon, this could be a good starter!