Kristen Bell's behavioural parenting hack turns into heartwarming life lesson for her kids

goss 12/05/2020

We love Frozen and The Good Place star Kristen Bell's Instagram for a number of reasons, one of them being her honest takes on the challenges of parenting.

In a recent post, the actress shared how a parenting hack she implemented opened her up to a whole lot more.

"I am raising women who are not afraid to disagree." her post began.

"Not for disagreements sake, but rather to use their voice when they need to. To not be afraid to speak up and be clear when they have something valuable to add. To participate. To lean in. To be insightful and lead with kindness. To use their gut and ethics to make decisions that sometimes fall outside the lines or buck the system. To be, as Adam Grant says 'a disagreeable giver who challenges the status quo in order to improve it.'"

"A few weeks ago I bought them RBG dissent collars. (Mainly so I could know when they are feeling particularly disagreeable, they'd put it on in the morning so I'd have a heads up). Now they wear them with pride, like strong females who know when they can add their point of view, with confidence."

"I'm very proud to be a mother to these two. Thank you Dax Sheppard (Bell's husband) for being the magic ingredient to their recipe. I'm forever grateful. We are gonna be so grateful for their confidence the day they start to run the world."

The response to Bell's post was well received by her followers...

"They even stand with attitude too" one person wrote.

"This is such a cute idea! I totally want to do this for my daughter!" added another.

Seems like Kristen's idea is definitely catching on!