Mum shocked by Kmart's kids toy that appears a bit x-rated

omg 15/05/2020

A mum has been left scratching her head after noticing something didn't seem quite right with her child's horse toy from Kmart.

The horse comes as part of the Dream Winter Castle Playset that retails for $20.

A toy horse is included in the set but it has raised more than a few eyebrows... The horse is wearing a large feather on its head, but the lack of detail on it makes it look like something a little more x-rated.

"Mmkay Kmart. Subliminal messages or the guys at the castle making factory were high..." the mum wrote on Facebook.

As you'd imagine, people were in hysterics online trying to work the whole thing out...

"This has actually made my day!" one person asked,

"In what world does this look like a feather?" wrote someone else.

"I’ve heard that horse is a real d***head," joked one person.

If for some reason you're after your own horse, you can still buy the set in store or online!