Pink opens up about the struggles she faced with exercise after childbirth

goss 13/05/2020

Pink has opened up about some of the struggles she faced with her fitness routine after giving birth to her kids.

In a recent Instagram live with her personal trainer, the pair spoke about some of Pink's challenges and how they overcame the,.

"Do you remember how upset I used to get after I had my babies? This was the hardest thing for me to do after childbirth." Pink said.

"I used to cry, I would get so mad!"

Pink's trainer acknowledged the singer and went on to reveal the pair used the 'MUTU System' to help get Pink back on track.

"To all the mummies, I’ll give a special shout out to MUTU System. We used all of the exercises from MUTU System and we added them to Pink's programme." the trainer said.

MUTU System is specialised core and pelvic floor programme used world wide to help rebuild core body strength and remedy some painful physical symptoms.