Pink shares heartfelt birthday message to her friend and backing dancer

goss 25/05/2020

Reina Hidalgo has a huge amount of experience dancing. She has performed with Rihanna, Kylie Minogue, Ricky Martin and most recently was on tour dancing with Pink!

In a recent post on her Instagram Pink shared a heartfelt story about how she first met Reina and shared some love to the dancer on her birthday.

"Reina. I saw you from afar on Olvera Street, downtown, dancing with Asi. I didn’t know either of you." her post began.

"You were dancing, which is an easy word, a much too simple word for what I witnessed that night... and as I sat in my chair I thought to myself... 'will I ever be that free? will I ever be in my body like that? I have to know this person, and I have to know her story. I have to know what moves her.' And so I asked you to go on tour with me. And you said yes. You said yes."

"I had no idea at that moment that you would come to be my sister, my friend, and someone that would inspire and protect me and my children for all my days to come. That would be a person that would piss me off in the same night that you would cry on my shoulder. You helped me to know that I could be in charge but also made me feel safe enough to not be in charge at all. You’re one of the reasons this all works my friend. But I see you. I know you."

"I know what tough looks like on the inside. All mushy and gushy and afraid. I know that strength comes from being broken. And I thank the lucky stars that you were born on that boat. Happy 40th mi amor. Te amo. Feliz cumpleaños. I am so grateful to know you and be on this journey with you. You are so loved."

These two clearly have a special friendship - so nice to see Pink spreading some love!