Taika Waititi & Ryan Reynolds get musical in their reading of 'James & the Giant Peach'

goss 26/05/2020

Taika Waititi and Ryan Reynolds have joined forces for an unexpected musical collaboration, in which the Kiwi filmmaker plays the guitar, while the Hollywood actor sings a song from James and the Giant Peach(Skip to the 10 minute mark in the video above to hear the singalong)

Waititi has been teaming up with a host of celebrities to read the Roald Dahl classic via video conference to raise money to fight COVID-19. 

In episode five, fans were treated to a surprising duet when Waititi showed off his musical prowess and back up singing capabilities while Reynold's performed the 'Eating the Peach' tune sung by Mr Centipede in Dahl's book. 

The recital was a hit with audiences, who raved about the "hilarious" pairing in the comments section on YouTube. 

"This is the best thing on the internet since lockdown," one comment read. 

"This made my whole life, thank you," said another. 

"Taika and Ryan having the jolliest of times while helping a good cause - could there be anything better?" asked a third. 

In previous episodes, Waititi has been joined by Chris and Liam Hemsworth, Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep, Benedict Cumberbatch and many others. 

New episodes of the series are being released three times a week on the Roald Dahl YouTube page, where viewers are encouraged to donate to Partners in Health, a health and social justice organisation fighting coronavirus with a focus on health systems in the most vulnerable communities around the world.

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