Woman sparks debate after hearing sister's plans to name twins after 'Friends' characters

goss 14/05/2020

A woman has taken to Reddit for advice after hearing her sister's plans to name her twins after Ross and Rachel from the TV show 'Friends'.

She had a few concerns that she brought up in her post...

"I know that as a sister I don’t really get the say in this, but my sister is expecting twins and she’s decided to name them Ross and Rachel... Like on Friends..." the post read.

"I know she can name them whatever she wants to but it seems like a very bad idea to me... I mean the names itself aren’t bad, but together?

"Everyone’s always gonna think of THE Ross and Rachel when they hear it. And they were dating I mean seriously? She really wants names that start with R, I even suggested many different R names but she got mad at me and said it’s not one of my business. I mean I know it isn’t... But don’t I have the right to state my opinion? She’s now not speaking to me and I’m just wondering, was I the A** to tell her what I think?"

People were quick to reply to the woman's posts - with 100s of people sharing their views.

"The thing is, will they be bullied?" one person asked.

"Like in 5 years when they start school, Friends will be a 20+ year old show and obviously the other kids won't know of an 'adult' show. Like how many kids will get the reference? It's not something where every kid will hear it and laugh."

Someone else suggested that names don't even really matter. "Kids suck, and will find any reason to make fun of other kids."

Another person in the same situation also commented.

"My second-cousins (not twins tho) are named Rachel and Ross. I've always wondered if their mom was a Friends fan, or if it was just a coincidence. I don't think they were ever made fun of or picked on because of their names!"

Do you think the names Ross and Rachel for twins is a big deal or is the woman overacting?