'Neighbours' actress Annie Jones returning to her iconic role 20 years on

goss 02/07/2020

Long time fans of the Aussie TV show Neighbours will be excited to hear that a heritage character is making a comeback! 

This year actress Annie Jones will return to the neighbourhood after 20 years away. She was last on the show in the 80s alongside Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan where she starred as school girl 'Plain Jane Superbrain'.

She left the show shortly after her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimers.

"I left just after Kylie and Jason, it was my decision. I just wanted to do other things, join other shows and do other jobs. A great number of actors had gone on to do amazing things after Neighbours," she told the Daily Mirror.

"I don’t regret it. It’s probably made me a better person in many ways. I think you learn from the stuff that life throws at you, that’s what it’s all about, life experiences."

"Anyone who has had anything to do with Alzheimer's or dementia will know what it's like. It's heartbreaking, seeing someone disappear before your eyes."

In a post on the show's Twitter, we learned a bit about the driving force behind her character's return to Ramsay Street...

"One of our much loved heritage characters, Jane Harris played by Annie Jones, is returning to Neighbours as a regular cast member and she isn’t alone! Also residing in Erinsborough is her estranged daughter, Nicolette Stone played by Charlotte Chimes."

Keep an eye out over the next few months for Annie's return!