Joe Exotic responds to news his arch-rival Carole Baskin has won control of his zoo

goss 05/06/2020

Months after the Netflix docuseries 'Tiger King' was released and the world is still gripped by the lives of some of the stars.

Earlier on this week Carole Baskin won control of Joe Exotic's former zoo and now Joe has spoken out. The pair have a complicated past, Joe is currently spending 22 years for ordering a hit-man on Carole.

Despite all of that, Joe is not taking things laying down - in a recent post on his website Joe and his team have said they plan to keep on fighting.

"We must address Carol Baskin’s treachery before it goes unchecked." Joe said.

"It’s with heavy hearts we must officially address the court ruling that transferred ownership of the G.W. Zoo to none other than Carol Baskin. Because of the amount of press the story has received, we feel a timely response is necessary."

"This ruling is yet another emotional blow to an already fragile Joe, who has spent the past 3 straight months in solitary confinement. He has been completely unable to defend himself."

"As hard as this news is, we refuse to accept defeat. Even as we type this message, Joe’s legal team is filing appeals and his social media/PR team are rallying public support."

Watch this space, the complicated lives of these Tiger King stars is far from over!