Kiwi cop writes heartbreaking poem to honour 'fallen hero' Constable Matthew Hunt

NZ 22/06/2020

A Kiwi dad has gone viral on Facebook after penning a very moving poem for Constable Matthew Hunt, who was tragically murdered over the weekend while on duty.

The dad, Ben Heap, shared that he worked in the same line as work as the Constable, and had reflected on what happened to him after having thoughts of " that "could have been me"".

"I don't turn to social media very often but I just feel I needed to share what I have written in reflection for a man who represents all of us in blue." Ben wrote in his post.

"I haven't put pen to paper for a long time but I've had so many thoughts about this and found myself jotting ideas down as a way to process this gut wrenching news of a fellow brother in uniform."

"Matthew, I never met you but my heart goes out to you and your family. One coward with such a gutless low blow has deprived you of many opportunities. So this is for you mate."

I write this in memory of our fallen hero Constable Matthew Hunt who was slain on duty in Auckland on 19 June 2020."

Read the poem below, or click the picture to go to the original post.

"Our comrade who some had never met.
For your honourable service, we owe you our love and respect.

For we are too, apart of the thin blue line.
Doing our best to prevent victimisation and serious crime.

Heading off to work each day, each night.
We experience it all, the sounds, the smells, the sights.

We don’t do this because we have to, but because we want to.
Keeping our communities safe for your whanau and you.

Shot at, spat at, abused and beat.
All part of the job patrolling these streets.

But how is that fair, for those on the front line?
From those perpetrators committing the most heinous of crimes.

Heroes wear uniforms and ours is blue.
But remember when we take it off, we are just like you.

Fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, wife’s, husbands and pops.
We are loved, we are people we are not just cops.

We took an oath to be impartial and honest.
For the risks we take, the pay check is considerably modest.

The shifts, weekends, public holidays and more.
The strain on us and our families you cannot ignore.

You see the brave face we put on each day.
That’s because we enjoy keeping you safe.

Most love, some hate, but all have no right.
To take one of us out of the fight.

One is too many and to those who have fallen, we salute you all.
May you rest in peace, you’ve answered your last call."

Written by - Ben Heap