McDonald's announces Kiwi icon 'Georgie Pie' will be axed from their stores

goss 09/06/2020

After seven years of sales, McDonald's has announced it will pull Georgie Pies from it's stores following years of declining demand. 

Over the next few weeks, the last of its Georgie Pies stock will be sold - and after that it's lights out for the menu item.

McDonald's acquired a number of Georgie Pie restaurant sites when the company was closed in the mid 1990s. As part of the deal, McDonald's became the owner of the trademark and the intellectual property of the brand.

The pies were relaunched in 2013, but as Dave Howse, managing director of McDonald's New Zealand says, demand has waned over the years.

"Over time a number of restaurants have stopped selling Georgie Pie due to a lack of demand, and we've seen a very limited push back from customers," he said in a statement on Monday.

While he acknowledges some Georgie Pie fans will be disappointed, he says it is no longer viable to produce the pies.

"Preparing Georgie Pies is very different to the rest of the McDonald's menu - especially in terms of how long they take to bake," Howse explained. 

"We are looking at ways to reduce complexity for staff and are always looking at ways to keep our menu relevant to customer demand."