Netflix announce they are making a sequel to the 20 year old film 'Chicken Run'

goss 24/06/2020

It's hard to believe the iconic film 'Chickek Run' turns 20 this year, but to celebrate the milestone - streaming service Netflix have made an exciting announcement...

A 'Chicken Run' sequel is finally in the works!

"Can you believe Chicken Run turns 20 today? And that it's getting a sequel on Netflix?!" they wrote on Facebook.

"It's going into production next year – watch this space!"

The original film told the story of a rooster and a chicken who realised their owner was about to kill them, so they hatch a plan to escape!

The creators of the popular 'Wallace & Gromit' series also created this popular feature film.

We can't wait for this one, even if it is a few years off hitting our screens!