Original Hi-5 star Nathan Foley launches adult music career

goss 05/06/2020

Fans of the Aussie kids TV show Hi-5 might remember Nathan Foley, one of the original members. Nathan was involved with the musical group for more than 10 years, but now he's turning his attention to creating new music for adults!

'She Devil' is the name of his new song and in a post on his Instagram he said he's 'absolutely stoked' for people to hear it.

In a recent interview with Stuff, Nathan spoke about how he's tried to distance himself from his Hi-5 persona.

"After Hi-5 finished, it was a bit hard because I was in a way typecast," he said.

"I think there was a time when I tried to step away from it, tried to avoid it, tried to avoid answering questions about it. I just wanted to move forward and be the adult I’ve always been.

"But I don’t apologise for the show anymore; it is what it is, and I can’t escape it. So instead of escaping it, you embrace it."

You can listen to Nathan's new song 'She Devil' above.