Polly & Grant's More FM show comes to an end


We are sad to announce that the Polly and Grant show on More FM Wellington has come to an end.

We are extremely grateful for the contribution that Polly and Grant have made to our More FM family in recent years. Unfortunately Covid-19 has forced us to make some hard decisions and in the current environment, the show is no longer sustainable. We are excited to continue to work with & support Polly and Grant with the next adventure, as they launch new podcasts that will be on Rova and other platforms in the near future.    

Polly says: "I'm not angry or shocked - we knew that thousands of people across all types of industries were going to be impacted by Covid-19 and I believe it's a time for resilience and creativity.

It's during times of adversity that lots of new and exciting projects emerge and I encourage everyone that has been affected to embrace change and chase new dreams. It's not going to be easy for any of us, but life wasn't designed to be boring now, was it! Sometimes you need a plot twist to remind you that there are exciting adventures ahead and you will be hearing from us soon."