Paula Bennett comes face to face with her impersonator after quitting politics

goss 30/06/2020

Yesterday morning National Party MP (and former deputy PM) Paula Bennett announced she was leaving politics.

Bennett appeared to be in good spirits as she announced the end of her political career, laughing off the latest impersonation of her by comedian Tom Sainsbury. 

Boasting more than 90,000 followers on his Facebook page, Sainsbury is known for his impersonations of Bennett and other characters using Snapchat photo filters. 

Sainsbury's latest video pokes fun at Bennett being rolled as deputy leader. The comedian sports a grey wig and a kimono in the video, before finishing with a scene where he dances around a room with the real Paula Bennett. 

"He's already put it out, has he?" Bennett laughed when asked about it. 

"If you can't laugh at yourself... I think we get to a point where people are taking themselves so damn seriously and Tom is a very funny guy - I think actually a comic genius in this country and he's managed to take the mickey out of me for years," she said. 

"As I say Tom, he's also actually almost opened me up to another generation where young people will sidle up for a photo and I'll say, 'you are a Tom Sainsbury fan I think - not a Paula Bennett one', but it means I can then engage them in conversation.

"Hopefully he retires me - which is a weird statement to make."