People are calling this $4 'Moisture Absorber' from Bunnings 'Magical'

we love 18/06/2020

As the colder days keep coming, you might find yourself with more moisture hanging around your windows. This Aussie mum has shared how she deals to that issue and it'll only cost you $4!

The product is called the Sunfresh Moisture Absorber and they help to "reduce dampness, and helps to prevent bacteria and mould."

"This product can remove up to 600ml of moisture from the air. It's perfect for your cupboards or wardrobes." the Bunnings website reads.

"Who else uses these and finds them so awesome?" the woman wrote on Facebook.

"For those who don’t know what they are - Moisture suckers. Great for in wardrobe or anywhere you have moisture or dampness," she continued.

"Can be purchased from most places... Seems Bunnings is the cheapest."

The response online was hugely positive, with many people thanking the mum for the tip.

"Every single window in my home has this and on the bottom shelf where I keep my collectables," one person said.

"Love them, have them through the house." added another.

If you've got condensation around the place, this could be a cheap and easy solution.