Ricky Gervais confirms his Netflix show 'After Life' will end after season 3

goss 24/06/2020

Ricky Gervais' Netflix series 'After Life' has been a huge success. The first season came out last year with season 2 released this April.

But in an interview with The Sun, the comedian said that he thinks the series will wrap up with a third and final season.

"I've already made my mind up - there just won't be a fourth." he said.

"You never say never but you put those things out there to make you remember because it's tempting, it's very tempting."

"The audience think they want another one but they don't know, they're not sure, so you've got to be careful."

The series focuses on Ricky's character Tony as he deals with the grief of his wife dying. The series is a mix of comedy with some sadder heartwarming moments.

"I've never had a reaction like this, so there is that [sense of] 'Oh, I could only ruin it', you know what I mean? So you've got to try and make it better." Gervais said of the fan reaction.

"It's a good state of mind to be in, it's a good pressure. I've got to make this better than before - that's a lovely pressure to have as a writer."

"That's not a reason not to do a *more* series because the first one went down so well... Most people want it the other way - they want too many series because they think it's their favourite show."

We're looking forward to season 3, even if it is the last!