Temuera Morrison works pouring concrete while waiting to go back to the US

NZ 25/06/2020

Famous Kiwi actor Temuera Morrison has taken up a bit of work for his cousin's concrete company after being stuck in NZ amid the Covid-19 global pandemic.

Tem has been in New Zealand during lockdown, and even though we have returned to almost normal life with our alert system being lifted to level one, he is unable to get back to the US for his work in the entertainment scene.

Instead of chilling out, relaxing or anything of the likes, Temuera has decided to take up a casual role at his cousins concrete business.

Yesterday a photo of Tem was shared to a concrete workers Facebook group, with the caption stating:

"Jango Fett aka Temuera Morrison on site with us today. He can't get back to the US due to Corona Virus and was sick of sitting at home in NZ during lockdown. The boss is his Cousin so called him into work with us. Being an actor all his life, this is a different world to him, but he jumped at the chance to try something new. At our yard we form squares for local plants to unload excess concrete. It's great for practice and doesn't matter if you stuff up."