The best Chaser of all time revealed thanks to someone who analysed every episode

omg 25/06/2020

Everyone has their favourite Chaser when it comes to The Chase. 

But is your favourite Chaser the best Chaser from the show?

Data from series one to twelve has been gathered and analysed by One Question Shootout to reveal which Chaser holds the top spot on the show.

And it may or may not be surprising for you.

In more than 350 episodes, Anne takes the coveted top spot with an impressive 82.4% win percentage.

Anne has achieved 100% accuracy in 23 episodes of The Chase and has the highest amount of clean sweeps, which is when a Chaser manages to not get a question wrong in the Final Chase.

Taking the second spot, and only 0.1% behind Anne, is Paul 'the Sinnerman' Sinha.

Paul's win percentage is an equally impressive 82.3%.

He has earned a 100% success record in 11 shows.

Mark Labbett, known on the show as the Beast, comes in third place on the leaderboard.

Closely followed by newest Chaser Jenny 'The Vixen' Ryan, who joined the show in 2015.

In last place, with the lowest success rate, is Shaun 'the Dark Destroyer' Wallace with an average of 75.1%.

So... if you ever find yourself on the show, it looks like you may want to go up against Shaun Wallace - even though even that is not going to be easy!