Ed Sheeran opens up about his struggles with mental health and addiction

goss 28/07/2020

In a recent online forum about mental health and wellbeing, Ed Sheeran has opened up about how his "very addictive personality" led him to binge on food and alcohol early on in his career.

He revealed that he often suffered panic attacks and had very low self-esteem about how he look. He was at his worst during his 2014-2015 world tour.

"I felt, 'What was the point?' In a dark way, like, 'Why am I around? What is the point?'" he said in the interview.

Ed said that his wife Cherry has been a huge impact on his overall health.

"She exercises a lot, so I started going on runs with her. She eats quite healthily so I started eating quite healthily. She doesn't drink that much so I wasn't drinking," he said. "I think that all changed things."

Talking about his bad habits while on tour, Ed noted that he "would stay up and drink all night and then sleep on the bus,".

"The buses would park underneath the arenas and I'd sleep on the bus all day, then wake up and then come out, do the show, drink, get back on the bus and I didn't see sunlight for maybe four months."

"It's all fun and games at the start. it's all rock and roll, and then like it starts getting sad. That was probably like the lowest that I've been and I kind of ballooned in weight."

He also struggled with overeating...

"They used to call me two-dinner Teddy because I used to order two meals and eat that," he said. "Then you start putting on loads of weight and hating the way you look.

Ed also spoke about his rationale behind taking long breaks between releases of new music...

"One of the important things in the industry is to know when not only to give yourself a break, but to give the public a break."

He's clearly still such a humble and down to earth guy - we could never have too much Ed!

You can watch the full interview with Ed Sheeran in the video below...