Kiwi bakers break world record for world's biggest lamington weighing 2500kgs

NZ 22/07/2020

Tuesday marked World Lamington Day - so what else are you going to do other than attempt to bake the world's largest lamington? 

Well, at least, that's what Kiwi social enterprise Cook's Night Off did: they constructed a 17-level, 2.5-tonne supersized treat.

The massive lamington is brought to you by Cooks Night Off and professional baker Zena, whose friends and family know her as the 'Cake Queen'.

They have for nine hours been trying to crack the world record, one slab of sponge, blob of jam, sprinkle of coconut, and swirl of chocolate, at a time. 

It's a bit of a process. 

"It has been an interesting time and an interesting journey," Zena said.

The world record is currently held by our mates across the ditch, who - and it may pain us to admit this - did invent the lamington.

Although we were the first to use it as a hat, this monster is on track to top the Aussie record by a huge 150kg.

"We can claim the world's biggest, so I'm happy with that," Cook's Night Off founder Suzanne Cannell said.

Hold your sponges Suzanne, it hasn't even been weighed yet - and first, we need answers. Why chocolate and not raspberry?

"I had no idea that people had such strong opinions about lamington flavours," Cannell responded. "Why did I choose chocolate? because I like chocolate."

The monster creation is the equivalent to 50,000 regular lamingtons - 13,000 eggs, more than 500kg of flour and 650kg of sugar.

For a gold coin donation, the sweet tooths of the country could tuck in too - then it's off to the Auckland City Mission.

But before the forks and knives came out and the sugar rush kicked in, there was some serious business to attend to - weighing the lamington.

The beast came in above the target of 2500kg, and well above the previous world record.

Your move, Australia.