Mum's 2 step 'Hokey-Pokey Caramilk Fudge' recipe proves a hit with chocolate lovers

we love 14/07/2020

Cadbury Caramilk fever is once again sweeping the nation with the release of the new limited-edition flavour, Hokey Pokey.

But if it's anything like the last batch, it won't be long before blocks of the white chocolate treat will disappear off shelves. When Cadbury brought back Caramilk in 2017 - a decade after it was last produced - the range sold out in just three weeks and blocks sold on Trade Me for upwards of NZ$50 each. 

Luckily, one Aussie mum has come up with her own recipe for the newest version of the sugary treat, which means you definitely don't need to stockpile anytime soon. 

Like many Aussies, home cook Dee Coolican was devastated by the news that Hokey Pokey Caramilk wasn't set to be released over the ditch anytime soon. 

But she decided to take matters into her own hands.

"Made my own Hokey Pokey but used Violet Crumble instead," wrote Dee Coolican Facebook group 'Caramlk Acddicts Club'.

"So easy - just melt Caramilk, cut chocolate off Violet Crumble, then mix together and let it set in the fridge."

If you're confused over the addition of the 'Violet Crumble' don't worry - that's simply what we call a Crunchie Bar over here in NZ. 

Fellow Caramilk addicts vowed to give it a try. 

"Shut up and take my money!" joked one person 

"Now that's thinking outside the square," wrote another.