Nestle are looking for an adult to be their new 'Milky Bar Kid'

goss 09/07/2020

If you grew up in Aotearoa in the '80s or '90s, you probably dreamed of one day being the cowboy hat-sporting Milky Bar kid depicted on TV screens around the country.

Well, apparently it's not too late. In a slightly confusing move, confectionary company Nestlé has announced it's searching for New Zealand's first Milkybar Kid-ult, a "grown-up who is still a kid at heart".

That's right - adult Kiwis can submit their application to be crowned the new chocolate ambassador. But it comes with "a unique range of responsibilities" like taste-testing new flavours and featuring in upcoming marketing campaigns.

A custom-made uniform is also being created for the Milkybar Kid-ult to wear. 

"The role of Kid-ult is all about attitude. The only prerequisite is that our adult applicants are still big kids at heart. And the ultimate Milkybar fan, of course," says the company. 

It's all being done to promote the launch the new Milkbar Whirl - a classic Milkybar with a swirl of milk chocolate. 

Applicants wanting to become the Milkybar Kid-ult are required to submit a 30 second video introducing themselves. 

One applicant who has done just that is the original UK Milkybar Kid, Antony Eden. 

Eden, who was the Milkbar Kid from 1988 - 1991, filmed an application video saying he "wants his old job back". 

"Please let me have my old job back so I can say 'the milky bars are on me' again - this time with a broken voice," he says in the video. 

Full details of the job description are available on Seek.