People can't figure out which zebra is looking forward in this viral optical illusion

omg 15/07/2020

A viral photo of two (or maybe more?) zebras is going viral online.

The image is a bit of an optical illusion and people can't figure out which Zebra's head is facing the camera! The photo was taken at a moment which makes it look like the two zebras have one head, which is obviously not the case!

The response online has been huge, but some have made some suggestions as to which zebra the head belongs to...

"The left one, going by the folds on his neck (probably because his head is tilted to his right). The right one doesn’t have folds on the neck indicating his face is hid straight behind the left zebra’s face." one person wrote.

But others argued the opposite...

"Looking at the ears only the left one can stand with the ears at the angle. For the right it is impossible to rotate its ears the way in pic hence the correct answer is right."

Thankfully the photographer has put all of our minds to rest - the correct answer is the one on the left!