Pink praises daughter's caring nature after she makes her own face mask

goss 27/07/2020

Although we are in Covid-19 Alert Level 1 in New Zealand, many parts of the world are still dealing with the virus.

In many places across the States, facemasks are mandatory - which is why Pink's daughter Willow decided to make her own!

In a heartfelt post on her Instagram the singer praised her daughter's caring nature - and her craft skills!

"My daughter made her first mask tonight." her post began.

"She’s pretty proud of herself for making something from scratch from an old billy idol t shirt I gave her, for taking her health into her own hands."

"I’m proud of her too for caring about others. I’m also proud she’s not growing up to be an idiot. Stay safe everyone! We love you all!"

Such a caring and loving family - like mother, like daughter!