Rhys Darby and Brett & Jemaine have Flight of the Conchords reunion in Wellington

goss 08/07/2020

Rhys Darby, Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie have had a mini Flight of the Conchords reunion in Wellington!

The hugely successful Kiwi comics all starred in the TV show 'Flight of the Conchords', while Bret and Jemaine have performed in their band for years.

Rhys shared a photo of the 3 together in hopes of bringing some cheer and happiness to his followers.

"Hello, from us three!" he wrote on Facebook.

"We caught up the other night in Wellington. I thought I'd post this because it might just cheer up anyone out there who needs it! Stay safe, stay positive and hey: 2020 is halfway through!! We can do this!"

The response from his fan's was hugely positive...

"You guys rock. This is cause for a smile. Stay safe and stay healthy." one wrote.

"Thanks for the positive vibes, sending them right back at ya." added another.

One fan refrenced the TV show by saying "Murray - present. Jermaine - present. Brett - present. Have you got any new gigs? What is next on the agenda? Love you guys!"

Who knows, maybe these Kiwi legends have some exciting projects in the works - we'll have to wait and see!