Fault at Lindt chocolate factory in Switzerland covers town in 'chocolate snow'

goss 21/08/2020

Could you imagine if it actually rained chocolate!?

One town in Switzerland had it happen to them after a recent ventilation system malfunctioned at the local Lindt Factory saw cocoa spew out of the silos and rain down on the town.

Cars, pedestrians, public seats and more near the factory were covered in a fine dusting of cocoa nibs after the glitch. The cocoa nibs are what form the basis of the delicious Lindt chocolate.

Lindt offered to pay for any clean up nessecary - but who wouldn't want their car coated in chocolate!?

According to LadBible, production in the factory carried on as normal and the company assures the public that the particles were harmless to people or the environment.

The ventilation system has now been fixed.