Handmaid's Tale star gives an update on the progress of season 4

goss 01/09/2020

Fans of The Handmaid's Tale are eagerly awaiting the eventual season 4 of the hit show.

The release was delayed due to Covid-19, but we have been treated to a dramatic trailer!

One of the stars of the show, Bradley Whitford (who plays Commander Joseph Lawrence), has given fans an update on where they are at in the production process after filming was halted.

Speaking to TVLine, he said that he has been in contact with many of the show's stars as filming gets set to resume.

"Yeah, hardcore quarantine of two weeks," he went on to say. "Like, you're really not allowed to leave your room for two weeks."

Aside from the quarantine, he also spoke about what we can expect from his character going forward - and a redepemtion seems like it might be off the cards!

"I think it’s possible that he could end up at that sort of pathetic, late-life stage of self-knowledge and self-reflection. But no, I certainly do not think he’s there." he said.

"And what’s great about the writing on this show [is] it’s sort of an unwritten mission statement of the show: There’s no brutality in the show that human beings haven’t experienced, and Bruce wants to do justice to that, and Bruce wants to do justice to the complexity of the obstacle that June is up against, and it makes everybody much harder to read, you know?"

So while production sounds like it is gearing up again, we're still going to have to wait until 2021 before see anymore of the characters from Gilead.