Hilary Barry unearths old pic showing Dr Ashley Bloomfield starring in school musical

goss 31/08/2020

You never know what gems you may rediscover in a good spring cleaning.

TV personality Hilary Barry spent Auckland's last Level 3 weekend doing a good declutter of her house, where she rediscovered some great little mementoes of the past.

Amongst her old radio business cards and knitting certificates, she discovered photos saved from the Queen Margaret College and Scots College 1983 production of "Oklahoma!".

"I went to the girls’ school that would often team up with the boys’ school for production," Hilary told her fans.

Sharing a photo was a young Dr Ashley Bloomfield starring as 'Oklahoma!' lead Curly McLain, holding hands with his on-stage love Laurey Williams.

The future General Director of Health sports a classic 80s mop hairstyle, a light-coloured button-up shirt with rolled sleeves, a silk-looking scarf tied around his neck and wears a slight smile staring into his co-star's glowing face.

Fans were in disbelief of what Hilary uncovered, commenting on Facebook "The Ashley Bloomfield?!!! Woah!! No wonder he's so cool! He's a thespian!"

"Is there anything he can’t do?" said another Kiwi, while one commented "I remain an Ashley fan even more."

"See, it’s fun to hoard sometimes," Hilary Barry joked.