Iconic Australian Women's Weekly Cookbook is getting a 40th anniversary edition

goss 05/08/2020

No doubt you've either made or been made a cake from the iconic Australian Women's Weekly Cookbook. We all have fond memories of the cakes, but now its about to get easier to make some of the classic party favourites!

To celebrate 40 years of the cookbook, a special 40th anniversary edition of is getting released mid August. 

The hardcover copy will feature a collection of the cakes and of course the recipes to them.

"A generation of Australian children have grown up with the cakes from the Australian Women's Weekly." the online description reads.

"From the duck cake with it's beak of potato chips, to the jelly-filled pool cake and cover-worthy train cake, there are decades of treasured memories between the page of the Children's Birthday Cake Book. Celebrate it's 40th anniversary with this special hardcover edition."

The book will be available for purchase in bookstores and online.