Kiwis are loving this world map which has New Zealand at the centre

goss 10/08/2020

For ages New Zealand has been the tiny little island country down the bottom of the world map - but a new version of the world map has placed us right at the centre of things!

It definitely takes a little looking at to get your bearings but its pretty cool to see.

Twitter user @simongerman600 posted the map an wrote "Promised a kiwi friend to repost this world map centered on New Zealand. Enjoy!"

While Kiwis are loving the new version of the map, others have taken the chance to troll us a bit...

"It kinda looks like all the other land masses are running away." one person wrote in response.

"But I thought the lost island of New Zealand was only a myth?" added someone else.

This person had a cruel idea for a prank. "Someone should make a map centered around New Zealand but without New Zealand, just to *mess* with them."

Maybe we'll see a few more maps like this up around the place in the future!