This is how much it'll cost you for a weekend getaway in popular NZ towns

goss 04/08/2020

The number of Kiwis going away for a weekend is increasing according to data from Tourism New Zealand, with more of us travelling domestically than this time last year.

Scoring a cheap airfare can be a bit hit and miss at the moment. A recent price check found some return airfares between Auckland and Wellington were more than $400 each, while at the same time other flights have been on sale for $45.

Accommodation rates tend to be much less volatile, and booking data released to Newshub from Expedia reveals how much you can expect to spend on a place to stay at different destinations around the country.

The data shows the average daily rate for accommodation across the destinations most searched for on Expedia for travel during August and September.

Average nightly cost:

  • Queenstown - $210 per night
  • Auckland - $190 per night
  • Wellington - $160 per night
  • Taupo - $205 per night
  • Canterbury - $185 per night
  • Christchurch - $145 per night
  • Rotorua - $190 per night
  • Palmerston North - $185 per night
  • Bay of Plenty - $205 per night
  • Waikato - $160 per night

Expedia's Justine Yusi told Newshub there's a few things people can do to save just that little bit more when booking accommodation. 


When you’re booking multiple nights, down-starring your accommodation choice is a great way to save. For example, stay at a three-star hotel rather than a four-star one and save hundreds.

Holiday rental

For families or big groups, consider a holiday rental home which will give you more space and a kitchen to cook your own meals and save on eating out.


Look for free add-ons or bonus inclusions when booking your accommodation such as a free breakfast or complimentary wi-fi. 

Flexibility matters

While non-refundable options usually mean a cheaper deal, with travel being unpredictable, it's recommended choosing a flexible and refundable travel option to avoid losing hundreds of dollars should any changes need to be made.

Search smart

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