'Bridesmaids' director says the iconic Kristen Wiig plane scene almost didn't happen

goss 28/09/2020

One of the most iconic scenes from the hit film 'Bridesmaids' almost didn't happen, the film's director has revealed.

Paul Feig, the director, let some behind the scenes secrets out in a recent interview with Glamour.

It turns out the iconic scene where Kristen Wiig's character Annie gets drunk on the plane almost didn't happen!

"That whole sequence was supposed to be in Vegas—it was supposed to be that Kristen’s character has no money; she has one check and she’s trying to parse out this money, and then Rose Byrne’s character is just outspending her like crazy." Paul said.

"It ended in this weird, hilarious scene in a strip club where she’s standing onstage and a stripper sweats into her mouth."

"But what happened was The Hangover had just come out, and it was so big and successful and had done Vegas so well that we were kind of like, Why would we do it again? I said, 'they should just not get to Vegas. It should all fall apart on the plane.'"

He added that the whole idea came late in the piece, but when he got the script he instantly loved it!

"When I got to the 'colonial woman on the wing,' I laughed so hard because I love anything that’s absurd, but it still makes perfect sense to somebody. That’s just out of the genius mind of Annie Mumolo."

While the other scene sounds great - we're pleased we got the iconic plane scene as it stands!