Baker mixes the lamington with the pavlova to create the amazing 'Pavington'

we love 04/09/2020

A Melbourne based chef has created the ultimate Kiwi/Aussie dessert! 

The dessert is christened The Pavington and is a hybrid of half pavlova and half lamginton.

The double-decker cake is lamington on the bottom and pavlova on the top, and big enough for six to eight generous serves.

Intoducing The Pavington on social media, Ben Shewry said: 

"Introducing Pavington. Attica’s answer to one of the worlds great culinary conundrums. Which is the greatest; Lamington or Pavlova? Here’s our seductive answer- all pav, cream, moist sponge, chocolate icing, raspberry jam and kiwifruit- why settle for one when you can have both at once! Pavington is more Pavlova sized than Lamington sized and is 6-8 serves. Available to order now for delivery and pick up from Tuesday the 4th August."

We may have to try recreate this at home...