Carole Baskin has lost 10kgs since filming for Netflix's 'Tiger King'

goss 11/09/2020

2020 has been a weird one all around, but one of things we are most thankful for is the weird and wonderful world of 'Tiger King'.

The controversial wildlife warrior Carole Baskin is gearing up for her debut performance on Dancing With The Stars US next week, but some fans have noticed that Carole has trimmed down since the release of the Tiger King doco.

Turns out they'd be right! TMZ reports that the star has lost around 10kg and it is down to a bit of a lifestyle change...

She's gone with a mostly vegan diet and is eating 2 meals a day. 

Exercise has also been a part of her plan. "She's been riding her bike 10 miles a day, 7 days a week, and doing a lot of squats, lunges and leaps." a source said.

No doubt all the dancing she'll be doing at the moment will be a part of it too. Her appearance on Dancing With The Stars is expected to take place next week.