Kmart shoppers confused by strange product warning on this chopping board

funny stuff 15/09/2020

Kmart shoppers over the ditch in Australia have been left scratching their heads over an odd product description for this wooden chopping board.

A woman uploaded a photo of the chopping board to Facebook where it quickly sparked conversation...

"There's something wrong here... About this wood chopping board." she wrote.

See if you can spot what's got everyone talking...

That's right, the product warning for the chopping board encourages people not to use it as a chopping board!

"The non chopping chopping board?" one person wrote in the comments.

"Ok, so if it’s not a chopping board what is it?" quizzed another.

"Must be one of those chopping boards that are just supposed to be for serving food rather than being used for meal prep." someone else said.

Despite the woman posting the image in a Kmart Facebook group, an Australian spokesperson for the company said the chopping board did not come from their stores.

Regardless of where it actually came from, it is pretty funny!