Kristen Bell shares how she used non-alcoholic beer to teach her kids a life lesson

goss 17/09/2020

Kristen Bell's husband Dax Sheppard has struggled with alcohol addiction in the past, but recently celebrated 16 years sober.

In a recent interview, Kristen has spoken about how non-alcoholic beer has helped them teach their daughter's a valuable lesson life lesson about their dad's sobriety...

"I'm going to get a lot of flak for this. And let me start by saying I don't care."

The Frozen star went on to say that when their kids were young, Dax would walk the neighbourhood with a non-alcoholic beer in hand.

"You're welcome to tell me I'm a terrible parent. I don't care. I'm a great parent, I think. I'm learning every day… and let me stress that it's non-alcoholic."

"The baby would paw at it and put the rim in her mouth," she said. "It's a sentimental thing for my girls, right? It makes them feel close to their dad."

"We talk to them very much about [Dax's] sobriety and the importance of it and why Daddy can't drink," she explained. 

"If anything, it opens up the discussion for why Daddy has to drink non-alcoholic beer because some people lose their privileges with drinking. Drinking's not always safe."

Back at the start of the month Dax celebrated his 16th 'sobriety birthday' which the whole family celebrated with him.

If you or anyone you know are struggling with addiction, there is more infomation over on the Alcohol and Drug helpling website.