Mum left red-faced after accidentally ordering 'x-rated' Peppa Pig product for her kid

funny stuff 01/10/2020

This mum has been left red-faced after accidentally making an 'x-rated' mistake with a Peppa Pig plate she bought online.

She thought it would be a nice surprise for her kid, but when it arrived she was shocked with what she found!

"My kid just unwrapped her new Peppa dinner set and I accidentally ordered a french version and now it says groin groin groin all over the plates and cup." the woman wrote on Twitter.

Groin in French translate to snout, obviously refrencing Peppa being a pig.

The response online has been huge, with many parents sharing their thoughts...

"Sorry I should not laugh. But you have brightened up my day!" one wrote.

"This is such a Daddy Pig move." joked another.

"That's amazing! Christmas is coming, I may "accidentally" order the French version for my friend's kids..." added another.

While she may have been shocked at first, this mum could always use this as a way to teach her kids new languages!